How to #astdchapters chat

A Twitter chat is a moderated conversation where those interested in a topic log into Twitter to chat. The chat is given a hashtag (#astdchapters, in our case), which makes it easy to find the chat and participate. This chat is like a chat room where the real-time conversation is via Twitter. Moderators will facilitate the event in laying out the chat’s ground rules and pushing out questions. The chat transcript will be archived and posted here.

To participate you’ll need a free Twitter account. Go to Twitter to register. If you are new to Twitter, this short CommonCraft video is a great introduction.

The easiest way  to participate is to go to and enter your Twitter ID & password. This will take you to a page where everyone will be tweeting about ASTD Chapters. All of your posts will have #astdchapters hashtag automatically added so others not in the chat can follow along.

Other, more advanced tools exist in Twitter applications to help you follow and participate in a Twitter chat. Tweetdeck is a free application that allows you to organize your tweets into columns. Tweetgrid is another tools that’s a website. You’ll then use #pmiagile as the filter for the chat. Note that TweetDeck is an application that must be installed on your computer.

You start by introducing yourself and then join in the conversation. Tweet Chats can be fast paced at 140 characters. The moderators will introduce new questions every so often.

Everything you tweet during the chat will go to all your twitter followers unless you DM (direct message) someone.

Let followers know prior to chat what you’re doing. Also, invite them in. As a sample tweet: “For next 90min I’ll be chatting about ASTD on #astdchapters with some brilliant volunteer leaders, please join us!”

Try to stay on topic. New questions will be introduced periodically. Please include Q# in related responses.

When writing, complete thoughts help followers outside the chat learn from you. Remember it’s 140 characters.

It’s OK to sit back and lurk (watch) before jumping in.

Twitter chats provide you with the ability to converse in real-time; find Twitter users to follow and build your network in our community.


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